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Latest news releases on Immiticide:

Immiticide Treatment and Side Effects | Advice For Dog Owners

Immiticide is the only drug which has approval from the FDA for the treatment of heartworm in dogs. Another name for Immiticide is Melarsomine.

Dog Coughing: Types and Causes - Pet Health Center ...

Like us, dogs cough to get rid of dust, germs, and other stuff they breathe in. Also like us, they sometimes get infections or viruses. Dogs are social creatures that ...

Come Visit us at our location in Sanford directly behind ...

Come Visit us at our location in Sanford directly behind the Paw Park Dog Park We are open Monday ~ Sunday from 1pm - 4 pm Have you checked out our Happy ...

Treatment Options for Heartworm in Dogs - Pet Nutrition ...

Heartworm in dogs can be fatal, which is why having a shortage of the FDA-approved heartworm medicine Immiticide is an alarming problem.

Slow Kill Heartworm Treatment For Dogs | Advice For Dog Owners

If your dog is infected with heartworms, your veterinarian will help you determine the best method of therapy for your dog. After extensive testing, your veterinarian ...

Cardial | Merial Mexico

Precauciones: Monitorear la función renal antes y durante el tratamiento. La espironolactona incrementa la vida media de la digoxina aumentando sus niveles séricos.

Product List - Products for Merial - Subscriptions

IVOMEC® 0.27% Injection for Grower and Feeder Pigs. IVOMEC® Drench for Sheep. IVOMEC Injection for Cattle and Swine

PREVICOX® | Merial Argentina

Contra el dolor, supera todo lo conocido. Descripción: PREVICOX contiene Firocoxib, un antiinflamatorio no esteroide (AINE) que actúa por inhibición selectiva ...

IVERMECTINA EQUINA 1,2 %- BURNET- Laboratorios Burnet S.A ...

GALGOSANTEL® Oral 15 BIOGÉNESIS - BAGÓ Endectocida, Antiparasitario externo, Antiparasitario interno, Fasciolicida, Control de miasis, Cont...

Recombitek C4/CV | Merial Mexico

RECOMBITEK® C4 / CV REG. SAGARPA B-6407-091. Suspensión inyectable Vacuna contra Moquillo, Hepatitis infecciosa canina causada por Adenovirus tipo 1, enfermedad ...

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